Use our accessoires individually for additional functions and more flexibility.

Software FMcapture
for digitized data

No. 99.74496

  • Digital capture of the height and stagger, distance pole leading edge – track center, track superelevation
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Import/export of measurement data in CSV, TXT, XLSX
  • Requirements: FM5-BT, notebook or tablet PC, MS Windows 10
  • more about the software

Additional mechanical measuring system
for superelevation

No. 785532:005.14

  • Enables additional the mechanical measurement of track superelevation
  • Fixed on the measuring bar
  • Measuring range 0-200 mm
  • Scale value 1 mm

LED lighting device
for measurements in the dark

No. 785532:100.26

  • LED lamp for lighting the contact wire.
  • for better visibility of the contact wire at night or in tunnels
  • with clamp bracket for fixing on the measuring bar

      Laser glasses
      for better visibility of the laser dot

      No. 99.50968

      • Improves the visibility of the red laser dot on the target surface
      • Ideal for measurements at daylight, sunlight or light reflections

      Carrying bag
      for separable measuring bars

      No. 99.53686

      • Comfortable transport for separable measuring bars
      • Robust fabric bag with padding
      • Two carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap
      • Dimensions approx. 105 × 28 × 18 cm

        Laser beam reflector

        No. 785532:101.26

        • Reference for laser measurement
        • Enables the measurement of stagger with FMcapture software

          USB car charger adapter

          No. 99.74090

          • Input 12 V DC via car power socket
          • Output 5 V DC
          • Max. 1000 mA