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Fast and precise. More than 50 years.

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 Steinmeyer overhead line measuring devices


Lightweight. Robust. Precisely.

We develop practical measurement instruments for highly accurate measurement of contact wire height, stagger / zig-zag, distance of mast and track superrelevation on worldwide track gauges from 750 to 1676 mm. We have an optical plumb line and high-end devices with integrated laser and Bluetooth data transfer. You can ensure safety quickly and easily, without having to shut down any track.

Bottom line: Minimize installation and maintenance costs

Do you install and maintain your overhead lines efficiently?

Can you work in any weather, dust or lighting conditions?

Or do you have a high effort for planning?

Is your measurement system lightweight, stable and easy to use?

Or is it heavy and bulky?

Can you measure quickly, flexibly, and precisely?

Or is a track shutdown necessary?

If not, you should optimize your contact wire measurement devices before you waste any more time or money.

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Increase measurement accuracy while saving time:

Minimize planning effort

Gain more time with variable and precise measurements in sunlight, rain, dust, at night or in tunnels.

Make measuring easier

Make your job easier with a convenient measurement device that weighs just 7 kg and takes just 2 steps to set up.

Save time and money

Reduce the effort required for logistics and personnel by measuring quickly and flexibly without ever shutting down tracks.

Up to 0,001 m
measurement accuracy

gives you reliable values thanks to near-track measurement, despite difficult environmental conditions.

More than1400
devices in use (Made in Germany)

ensure worldwide fast and precise measurements.

With more than 50
years of experience

in the railroad industry, we are the leading provider of contact wire measurement devices.


What do you think?


Until now, we have been supporting our customers with more than 1,400 catenary measuring devices to expand the global railroad network. They were just fed up with bulky devices that were either too imprecise or measure too slowly.


We believe that everyone should get quick and precise measurements at the push of a button. Portable measuring devices that can be used flexibly, can be a solid alternative. This only working, if you really save time and are therefore independent of your environment. That is why we develop weather-independent measuring devices with set up in only 2 steps, with which we guarantee fast measurement results worldwide: with measuring accuracy up to 0.001 m.


Decide for yourself how precious your time is and simplify so your contact wire measurements.