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Repairs and other services


For the return of products and also if you have any questions regarding the processing status of repairs or complaints that have already been sent in, please contact our service. For structured processing with clear and personalized identification, we manage your service case, if desired or required, under an assigned RMA identification number communicated in advance or with confirmation of receipt of goods.

Test and measuring equipment must be regularly checked, calibrated and adjusted if necessary. For your quality assurance system with test equipment management, for the fulfillment of standards, guidelines and certifications, Steinmeyer Mechatronik GmbH offers you inspections, factory calibrations and repairs of contact wire measuring devices according to the criteria of DIN EN ISO 9001. You increase the quality and the service life of the overhead line systems, so you can rework them avoid and protect yourself against possible replacement claims.

When using contact wire measuring devices under normal conditions, we recommend a test interval of 2 years. The test interval may have to be shortened for measuring devices that are used for assembly work under extreme construction site environmental conditions or for the quality assurance of measuring services.


Checking, inspection, maintenance and repair of contact wire measuring devices - our range of services:

  • Flat rates for "reviews" only
  • Estimates for repair work
  • Checking the functional parameters and tolerances
  • Optical and electrical control, firmware updates
  • Cleaning, preventive maintenance
  • Exchange of defective or worn parts
  • Evidence through test protocol and test sticker
  • Documentation of services performed


Further services:

  • DAkkS oder factory calibration acc. DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 on request
  • On request, monitoring of the test cycles of the customer devices
  • Rental devices in the event of failure of one of your devices, to bridge the repair period or only occasionally. Note: If necessary, please clarify the availability with us before the desired start of the rental.
  • Technical support and instruction on site

Please get in touch with your service team:

Phone: +49 (0) 351 88585-15

E-Mail: fm-service(at)