FM5-BT | Camera Bluetooth

The FM4-LO contact wire measuring device is specially designed for static point measurement of contact wires. The laser beam of the FM5 determines the position of the catenary in relation to the track center as well as from the top of the rail.

This enables you to measure quickly and easily the:

  • Contact wire height and stagger (zig-zag)
  • Messenger wire height and stagger
  • Distance between pole leading edge and track center
  • Bridge and tunnel heights, height of crossing power lines
  • With accessories: superelevation (tilt/angle)


    • Project planning and construction of overhead line systems
    • Regulatory and maintenance tasks on catenary and contact lines
    • Calibration and control and of continuous, dynamic geometry measurement methods
    • Optimized for mobile use in light and long-distance rail


    In combination with the measuring bar, the measuring device can measure contact wire stagger on track gauges in the range of 750 - 1676 mm. The measurements can be performed quickly and in any weather condition.

    High-precision laser measurement with up to 1 mm measuring accuracy 

    Easy targeting of the contact wire by the camera display (4x zoom) incl. screenshot function

    Fast data capture by software incl. import and export function (XLSX, CSV, TXT)


    Designed for construction site environments

    • Automatically illuminated high-resolution color display
    • Camera display with digital pointfinder and 4x zoom
    • Non-contact laser distance measurement with visible red laser dot on the target surface
    • Single measurement or continuous measurement as supporting search function and for differentiation of distances
    • Integrated brake for fixing the measuring device on the measuring rail
    • Sealing against dust and rain water
    • Minimum personnel requirements for logistics and measurements
    • No influence on track return current as well as control and safety systems due to isolated track contact
    • Bluetooth® 4.0 for measured value transmission to mobile devices
    • Download of photos and screenshots via USB cable
    • For measurements, acceptance tests and inspections of overhead contact line systems

    Optional accessories

    • LED lighting device for measurements in the dark
    • Laser glasses for better visibility of the laser point
    • Carrying bags and power adapter for more comfort
    • Measuring bars for worldwide track gauges from 750 – 1676 mm
    • Additional mechanical measuring system for superelevation
    • FMcapture software for digitized data
      Catenary Contact Wire Measuring device FM5-BT

      Contact wire measuring device FM5-BT

      No. 785540:033.26 | Measurement of the height and stagger of contact wire including distance between pole leading edge – track center by horizontal/vertical laser beam | Camera with screenshot function | Color display with 4x zoom for targeting of the contact wire | Bluetooth 4.0 interface | incl. USB charger and 4 power plug adapters

      Instruction manual FM5-BT

      No. 785540:033.26.BA-E | Language English
      Transport Case

      Aluminum transport case for FM5-BT

      No. 99.53685 | For the transport of the measuring device, accessories and documents | approx. 54 x 16 x 25 cm / 3,3 kg
      Catenary Contact Wire Measuring bar

      Measuring bar standard

      No. 785532:051.26 | Adjusted to track gauge: 1435 mm or to another track gauge in the range: 750 - 1676 mm, measuring range ± 700 mm, scale value 1 mm, not separable | approx. 184 x 20 x 16 cm | approx. 4.7 kg
      Catenary Contact Wire Measuring bar seperable

      Measuring bar standard separable

      No. 785532:052.26 | Adjusted to track gauge: 1435 mm or to another track gauge in the range: 750 - 1676 mm, measuring range ± 700 mm, scale value 1 mm, separable (2 parts) for a flexible transport  | approx. 184 x 20 x 16 cm | approx. 5.1 kg
      Tragetasche für teilbare Messschienen

      Carrying bag for divisible measuring bars

      No. 99.53686 | Robust padded fabric bag, two carrying straps, adjustable shoulder strap |  approx. 105 × 28 × 18 cm
      Software FMcapture

      Software FMcapture 6.0

      No. 785540:007.14 | Digital capture of the height and stagger, distance pole leading edge – track center, track superelevation | data transfer via Bluetooth 4.0 | import/export of measurement data in CSV, TXT, XLSX | Requirements: FM5-BT, notebook or tablet PC, MS Windows 10
      Laser beam Reflector

      Laser beam reflector

      No. 785532:101.26 | Reference for laser measurement of contact wire stagger with FMcapture software
      USB car charger

      USB car charger adapter

      No. 99.74090 | Input 12 V DC via car power socket, output 5 V DC, max. 1000 mA
      Laser Glasses

      Laser glasses

      No. 99.50968 | Improved visibility of the red laser point at daylight, sunlight or light reflections

      LED lighting device

      No. 785532:100.26 | LED lamp with clamp bracket for fixing on the measuring bar | for better visibility of the overhead lines at night or in tunnels

      Länge [cm]197110110