FM5-BT | Camera Bluetooth

The Overhead line position measuring device FM5-BT is specially developed for manual measurement of overhead line height and overhead line position (horizontal and vertical position of the catenary and contact wire in relation to the middle of track).

It measures quickly, comprehensively digital data and pictures by using:

  • horizontal/vertical laser beam,
  • digital Point camera finder for quick targeting of the contact wire,
  • Camera with 4x zoom and screenshot function
  • Measuring scale
  • with a easy and fast data transfer via bluetooth.

Einsatz im Nahverkehr
Einsatz im Fernverkehr

Einsatzbereiche der Oberleitungsausrüstung

  • Projektierung und Bau von Fahrleitungsanlagen
  • Regulierungs- und Instandhaltungsarbeiten an Oberleitungsanlagen
  • Eichung und Kontrolle und von kontinuierlichen, dynamischen Oberleitungsmessverfahren
  • Optimiert für den mobilen Einsatz im Nah- und Fernverkehr


  • non-contact laser distance measurement of catenary height, visible red laser spot on the target surface
  • precise and fast measurement at sunshine and darkness
  • laser measurement in single and continuous mode
  • digital homing device with 4-fold zoom and colour display
  • tilting sensor for track-superelevation measurement


  • easy handling and operation
  • robust design, suitable for on-site-use
  • measurements and data acquisition on track section by one person


  • two-part measuring bar for easy transportation in cars
  • customized measuring bars on request (e. g. inch)
  • data transfer by Bluetooth® on PC, Notebook, tablet PC or smartephone




Stagger of the overhead contact line

Measuring bar (guide rail) for track gauge [ft/in]1435
Separable (two-part) measuring bar, carrying bagnoyes
Mesuring range left to right / scale value of measuring bar [in]± 27.5 / 1 (1/8)
System measuring accuracy [in]± 1/4
Height of the overhead contact line
Measuring range of the laser [ft]up to 666
Factory setting / optional unit settings [ft/in]0.00 / 0.00
Measuring accuracy laser / system [in]± 1/16 / ± 1/5
Distance measurement track - center
Horizontal distance measurement [ft/in]0.00 / 0.00
Tilt measurement for track superelevation
Tilt sensor - range / measurement accuracy [°]360 / ± 0.1
Data interface / Data storage
Bluetooth® 4.0, range [ft]up to 32
Application software for Microsoft Windows® 8.1/10noyes
Laser class (international standard IEC60825-1)2
Laser power / wavelenght [mW/nm]< 1 / 635
Direction laser beamvertical und horizontal
Display [mm]70 x 42, automatically illuminated
Operating modessingle or continuous distance measurement
Automatic laser switch off [s]90
Laser visibility glassesnoyes
Stromversorgung [V] DC3.7
Rechargeable battery typelithium ionen
USB Charger incl. 4 diverse plugsja
Automatic power switch off [s]180
Operating time / number of measurementsup to 4000
LED lighting device for contact wirenoyes
Temperature range operation / storage [°C]-10…+50 / -25…+70
Protection class (DIN EN 60529)IP54
Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions / weight of the measuring instrument [mm / kg]

263 x 95 x 60 / 2.0
Dimensions / weight of the measuring bar [cm / kg]187 x 21 x 14 / 5.2187 x 21 x 14 / 6.0
Dimensions / gross weight of the transport case [cm / kg]54 x 15 x 24 / 5.554 x 15 x 24 / 6.0
Dimensions / gross weight of the carrying bag [cm / kg]-105 x 28 x 18 / 8.0
Dimensions / gross weight of the shipping package [cm / kg]197 x 37 x 37 / 15110 x 37 x 37 / 18

Measuring Bars

Universal Measuring Bars

partable [mm] gauge track: 750 to 1676 m, mm-scale


non partable [mm]gauge track: 750 to 1676 m, mm-scale


Measuring bars with fixed gauge track width

partable [mm]

gauge track: 1435 mm, mm-scale


partable [inch]

gauge track: 1435 mm, inch-scale


non partable [mm]

gauge track: 1435 mm, mm-scale


non partable [inch]

gauge track: 1435 mm, inch-scale


non partable [mm]

gauge track: 1000 mm, mm-scale


Additional Acessories

LED flashlight for catenary

bracket with LED flashlight and brake


additional measuring device

additional measuring device for track elevation, height adjusment with scale 0 to 200 mm, mounted on a measuring bar

laser beam reflectorreference surface for laser measurement of the catenary wire position785532:101.26
aluminium casealuminium transport case for FM5-BT, acessories and documents99.53685
carrie case for partable measuring bar

padded, two carrying straps, one shoulder strap,
dimensions appr. 105 x 28 x 18 cm


carrie case for narrow gauge measuring bars

padded, two carrying straps, one shoulder strap,
dimensions appr. 165 x 28 x 18 cm

laser visibility glassesimproves the visibility of the red laser dot99.50968
USB charging adapter for motor vehiclesinput 12 V (DC) vehicle outlet, 1 A99.74090
software FMcapture© 4.0data transmission and storage via Bluetooth® 4.0 on tablet, PC or notebook with Windows® 8.1 or 10 99.74077